Welcome to UK Dog Sport a new competitive Dog Activity which is designed to allow participation by all breeds and all standards

UK Dog Sport is not a substitute for anything else it is a stand-alone competitive sport that nevertheless encompasses many of the tests and exercises from others activities. With elements of Control, Nosework and Agility, the aim is to provide an interesting, challenging and enjoyable pastime suitable for all dogs and handlers.

The object of UKDS is to give people something to do more locally, with worthwhile standards and qualifications, to either run alongside their other dog sports or to act as a stepping stone into them. It also offers an alternative for those that, for whatever reason, are unable, or do not wish to do any of the other activities.

UK Dog Sport will not be registered or affiliated to the Kennel Club but will be run according to the levels and guidance set out in the Regulations by enthusiasts who want to try something new. There will be no requirement for dogs to be registered or competitors to be members.

 UK Dog Sport has been designed to allow competitions to take place all over the country hosted by individuals or societies without the need of vast amounts of land. While it is acknowledged that many people enjoy tracking, this is readily available to them via the UK Tracking Dog Association, and could comfortably run alongside UKDS.

After much adjustment and rethinking we have finally completed what we think is a working model of how UKDS will work and have prepared a Regulations and Guidance Booklet which will be available in the very near future. Those willing to host an event will register their interest, and will then receive an Event pack and be able to advertise their event on this site incorporating the UKDS logo.

Those offering training for UKDS will, after registration, also be able to use the UKDS Logo and advertise their training sessions on the site, and it is hoped that both training and events will soon be available countrywide.

As a completely new venture it will by necessity be subject to adjustment but for now we feel we have reached a workable model and look forward to the time when we are free to try it out.                                         

Linda and Wendy

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